“Life is like the surf; you must give yourself like the sea.” Y Tu Mama Tambien, Alfonso Cuaron


Hi there, I’m Cady 🙂 I’m 25, and this is my travel blog! I’m a bit late in the travel game, never really leaving Canada much until my first plane ride at 20 to Orlando, Florida! After that I was hooked, taking every wanderlusting opportunity to go volunteering, studying, and traveling abroad!

However, the same year I first took a plane was the time I developed an intense anxiety disorder, especially when it came to health and safety. Airplanes also give me panic attacks. I’ve had a few setbacks when it comes to travel, but I’ve always been the type who never wants to give up on my dream. I decided to start this blog to detail how I deal with my fears when it comes to my anxiety, and to provide insight and humour so that hopefully everyone can go (somewhat) fearlessly into the world!


  • What I Do: I currently teach English in Spain!
  • What I Want to Do: Teach English abroad or in Canada, run my own hostel/café, be a surfing instructor, and/or traveling writer!
  • Languages I Speak: English, Spanish, some French, some Farsi (but I can’t read or write it)
  • Places I’ve Lived: Canada, USA (Orlando), Spain (Bilbao, Toledo), China (Changchun)
  • Countries I’ve Been To: Canada, USA, El Salvador, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Austria, China, England, Cuba, Portugal, and the Vatican
  • Dream destinations: Brasil, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Hawaii, Mexico, and to return to SPAIN!
  • I love coffee, cats, books, painting my nails, dancing, ancient history, and writing… and traveling, of course!


Currently in: Spain!
Next stops:
September – Porto and Lisbon, Portugal!


Be sure to follow along with all of my travels and beyond! Thank you!

xxoo Cady

*Featured header image credit to Swathy Sooriya, bull pic credit to Isa Gonzales, wheelbarrow pic credit to Heidi Blair. The logo for my website was created with logomakr.com, which is a really cool site for the graphic design-challenged like myself. Easy peasy!

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